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「令和」の時代へ、CQI|IRCA の CEO よりご挨拶を送ります

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「令和」の時代へ、CQI|IRCA の CEO よりご挨拶を送ります

2019年4月1日、天皇退位による改元に向け、新しい元号「令和」が発表されました。改元にあたり、CQI|IRCA の CEO であるVincent Desmond より日本の皆様へメッセージが寄せられました (和訳はメール下部にあります)。

Best wishes from CQI|IRCA for Reiwa Era

To all our members, partners and friends in Japan we send our best wishes for the new Reiwa era as you celebrate the transition from the Heisei era.

We live in a world where order and harmony seem difficult to achieve and Reiwa is a philosophy that resonates with the whole world. Consider, for example, the disharmony generated by BREXIT and Europe’s search for a new purpose having worked to achieve peace since 1945. Consider, for example, the emergence of new technologies which are generating transformational change, new opportunities but new challenges for countries and organisations. And consider, for example, the rapid changes in demographics and societal norms, with aging populations and the struggle for diversity and equality of opportunity creating the need for new orders and different flavours of harmony.

Quality Management provides a method by which organisations and, indeed, nations, can achieve order and harmony through evolution, driven by the study of the management system and how it interacts with the external environment for the benefit of customers, shareholders and society.

So, while shifts in global power, societal norms and technology provide new challenges, I hope that Quality Management will be seen as a positive contributor to Reiwa era. I am sure that Japan will translate this philosophy into practice, continuing to provide global leadership in the discipline of Quality Management for the 21 Century.

Vincent Desmond
April 2019

「令和」の時代へ、CQI|IRCA よりご挨拶を送ります

CQI|IRCA の日本のメンバーの方々、パートナーの方々、そして友人の方々、平成から令和への改元おめでとうございます。CQI|IRCA から皆様にご挨拶申し上げます。




Vincent Desmond
April 2019



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